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Evelyn Allen (McLeod)
11 November 1901    23 February 1995
Marlboro SC                       Madison Co NC
Evelyn Allen McLeod was a professor of English at Mars Hill College,
teaching the freshman course in literature and composition, and serving as
faculty sponsor for the English honor club, called "Scriblerus". During my
upper-class years (1964-66) I worked for her in the student-employment
program, assisting her by marking quiz papers, and I also had the pleasure
of her guidance as I was a member of Scriblerus.  

Mrs. McLeod impressed me as one of the most graceful persons I ever knew
-- at once regal in bearing, utterly down-to-earth, and considerate of
from MHC Laurel yearbook, 1966
everyone she encountered. I remember a chilly December evening when Scriblerus met, as usual, in
the fancy parlor of one of the women’s dormitories. After whatever discussion program we had, she
had planned special holiday refreshments. Rather than some easy buffet arrangement, she had us
prepare individual dessert plates for every member, each with a thin slice of fruit cake, a small scoop
of vanilla ice cream, and a tiny fluted paper cup of salted cashews, all arranged just so, as if she had
nothing better to do in the world during the busy Christmas season. Then we all sat down and enjoyed
our treats with cups of holiday punch and an air of being very grown up and civilized, just as she had
surely planned.

Once, when I stopped by her office to collect a set of quizzes for marking, she confided in me, very
matter-of-factly, that she suffered from glaucoma and had to take medication to control the pressure in
her eyes. I was very touched by her confiding in me that way and very glad to be able to assist her in a
small way with the burden of endless quizzes.

 - Dwight Childers
                                                                                        22 Aug 2009