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Patrick Black    +    Emily Bridges              Thomas Osborne Roberts + Ann Edmonds
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Montreville "Mont" William Black     +      Susanna Edmonds
1836   -  1918                                1854         1828   -  aft 26 Jul 1870                            
TN      Bunc Co NC                                                       Bunc Co NC     Bunc Co NC
Mary "Mollie" Black, 1855 - 1918
Marshal George Black (Josephine Sophronia Gentry), 1857 - 1912
Joseph Woodfin Black (Lucinda Irene Buckner), 1858 - 1886
Cornelius Pitzer Black (Mary Elizabeth Garrison), 1860 - 1936
Laura Black (Ben Revis), 1861 - after 1869
Wiley P. Black (Martha Sophronia Elkins), 1864 - 1943

|                                                                         |
Montreville "Mont"  William Black     +      Mary Jane "Pollie" Edmonds
1836   -  1918                                    1874              1832   -  1916                             
TN   Bunc Co NC                                                   Bunc Co NC   Bunc Co NC
Lucius L. Black (Sarah Lucinda "Lou" Elkins) 1868 - 1946
                        Tomasina Cynthia Black (John Galloway), 1876 - 1939

Notes: According to the Buncombe County census of 1850, Ann Edmonds' household included Susanna
Edmonds, age 22, and Mary J. Edmonds, age 18, along with Fields Edmonds, 20; and Welsey Edmonds, 11.
The death certificate for  "Pollie" Black, 1832-1916, lists her parents as "Thommie Roberts" and "Annie Edmons".
The informant for the certificate was L. L. Black (presumably, her son Lucius).
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Janice Black, email 27 Feb 2014, citing "In the Buncombe Births book 1858-1888 in the Buncombe Co Library in Asheville; this researcher
found these notes: Edmonds, Miss Polly page 210 (7/10/1868) Labor natural, child a boy."    
Patrick Black    +    Emily Bridges              Thomas Osborne Roberts + Ann Edmonds
Above: Montreville Black in
military uniform, abt 1864.
HOBC, Vol II, p. 100.

Below: Montreville Black,
date unknown. Photo
provided by Janice Black.
In 1860 the census for Flat Creek lists the family of "Thos O. Roberts" age 45, with "Syntha Roberts", 44, and these others: Mary Roberts, 18;
William Roberts, 20, Christena Roberts, 15; James W. Roberts, 3; Joseph Davis, 17; Ephrain Frady, 8; and Riley Frady, 6. Thomas Roberts was
a farmer, with real property valued at $1700.

The 1870 census for Flat Creek, Buncombe County (26 July) lists the family of "M. Black", age 32, at
census house 39, with Susan, 40; Mary, 14;
Marshal, 13; Joseph, 12; Laura, 9; Cornelius, 10; and Wiley, 5. At
census house 40, female M. J. Edmonds, age 34, resides with male child
Lucius, age 2, followed in the same household by the family of Aaron and Sarah Wright with 7 children, and a farm laborer L. W. Netherly, 17.
While M. J. Edward is listed with no property, Aaron Wright, farmer, is listed with real property valued at $11,000. (In 1880 and 1900, this Wright
family was in Cowley County, Kansas.)

In 1880, the census for Flat Creek lists the family of "T. O. Roberts", 65, and "Cintha Roberts", 65,  including Mary Black, servant, age 24, and
Pitzer Black, laborer, age 20. These two were, apparently, grandchildren of Thomas Osborne Roberts and Ann Edmonds (children of Montreville
Black and Susanna Edmonds - see above). T. O. Roberts' Last Will and Testament left $100 to Mary Black on condition that she continue to live
with the family for the remainder of their lives.

Lucius Black's death certificate lists his parents as Mont Black and Pollie Edmonds, but Marjorie M. Watts (writing in "Montreville W. Black",
HOBC II, pp 100-101) offers an alternative interpretation: "The death certificate of Lucius gives his mother as Mary Edmonds and his father as
Montreville Black. It is believed that this child may actually have been the son of "Mont" and Susan, who, in failing health, placed the child in the
care of her sister. As he was so young, he could possibly have remembered no other mother than Mary." It is worth noting that, in those
circumstances, all the older people surrounding young Lucius would have needed to maintain silence about the facts not just during his tender
age, but throughout his long life. For what reasons would they have done so?