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"Sarah Ann Buckner Freeman was a petite, plump lady. She was noted for singing Irish songs to her
children. My mother, Cora Genoa Hobson, taught our family many of the songs she had learned from
her grandmother. She was called “Little Grandma” by her great grand-children.

Sarah Ann was less than five feet tall – a little rolly polly in her old age. She was a
vivacious, merry blue-eyed red-head, who would lift her skirts and do the Highland Fling
at the sound of music. She sang like a bird. Early in the morning we could hear her singing
“When the Roll ls Called Up Yonder.” She loved music and people, especially children.

Sarah’s house was one large living-bed-room separated by a covered walkway to the
kitchen in back. The living room was furnished with two full beds, two trunks, a table, and a
number of cane bottom chairs. lt had a large fireplace with a mantle on which stood a clock
with chimes, candlestick and a fascinating arrangement of hand made dolls.

The large kitchen had a large fireplace. All kinds of spices were on the long mantle. Meals
were cooked in the open fireplace in large iron kettles and bread and cakes were made in an
iron oven with coals placed on the top and bottom. Meals were served on a long table
with at least eight chairs.

The smoke-house was back of the kitchen. lt had a smell all it’s own; smoked hams,
sulphurized fruits, dried vegetables, pickles, kraut, apples and pumpkins, and molasses
and honey. She had her own bee-gums.

The wood shed had two saw-horses where wood was sawed into lengths with a cross-cut
saw, a carpenter’s bench and all kinds of tools, and stacks of wood and shavings which
provided beds for the dogs and cats.

After Robinson Gaston died, Sarah Ann re-married John Ponder. John died, at which
time Sarah Ann spent the remainder of her life with her daughter Lula Ann Hobson. She is
buried in the Buckner Cemetery on top of a hill on Hobson Branch Road, Route 2, Weaver-
ville, North Carolina."

- Mrs. Georgia Marian Marshbanks Jamerson, “Robinson Gaston Freeman and Sarah Ann Buckner Family,” HOBC, Vol.
I, p. 207.
Sarah Ann Buckner Freeman
4 August 1837 - 14 June 1916
Bunc Co NC        Bunc Co NC