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                                      FRANCIS DAVID CHILDERS

Memories of Life on Cooper’s Creek

[Francis D. Childers was born on Cooper’s Creek, November 5, 1893.]

Well, we moved from there to Oconaluftee River to the
Jim Dowdles place up on Mingus’s Creek, and
at that time I was six years old.

At Cooper’s Crook where I was born, there was a big old tall holly tree in the yard, I remember, I must
have been about three years old. There was a holly tree in the yard that was about fifty feet tall, the
tallest one I’ve ever saw, and I remember the Indians come with their blow guns to shoot the
blackbirds. It was full. And these arrows sprangled out to hit lots of birds when they went up. And
when they hit them birds the arrows would fall to the ground. The Indians ‘d pick ‘em up, put the birds
in a sack, tak’em  home ‘n’ eat ‘em.