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Nimrod Childers       +      Rebecca Catherine Green
1830    -    1921                             1833      -      1896
Macon Co NC  Swain Co NC                         Caldwell Co NC        Swain Co NC                                    
Alden Patton Childers (Margaret Kimsey), 1860 - 1919
Humphrey Davis Childers (Sarah E. Keener), 1864 - 1912
James Robert Childers,1866 - after 1929
William Lafater Childers, 1869 - 1924
Sarah L. Childers, 1872 - after 1899
Eliza J. Childers (William H. Baker), 1872 - after 1929
Mary L. E. Childers (James R. Ingle), 1874 - 1942


In 1860, Nimrod and Rebecca Childers resided at or near Webster, census house #392, in Jackson
Co NC. The household included baby Alden and a girl, "B. Seller", age 9. Nimrod's father Humphrey
resided at house #391 with his family; he was working as a miller.

In 1880, the family was at Oconalufty, Swain Co NC, and the household included Rebecca's sister,
Sarah C. Green, age 45.

In 1910, Willie Childers, head of household, 38, resided at Oconaluftee, Swain County, with sister
Eliza J. Childers, 36, and brother Robert Childers, 40.

In 1920, Eliza Childers (Baker), 48, resided with husband William H. Baker, 78, in Polk County,
Arkansas. Robert Childers, age 52, resided alone at Charleston (now Bryson City), Swain County,

in 1930, J. Robert Childers, head of household, 63, resided with sister Eiiza J. Childers (Baker), 57,  
at Whittier, Jackson County.

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NC Death Records;
Death Certificates for Alden P. Childers, William L. Childers, and Mary Childers (Ingle);
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Nimrod Childers (detail from
group photo). Below,
graves at Union Hill Cemetery,
Whittier NC.
Photos by John L. Mathis.