www.childers-shepherd.org, 6 Feb 2009
Left: First home of Roy and Inez Childers, an apartment
in Mrs. Dargan's house, Black Mountain, NC. (from about
1939 to about 1941).

Above: Second home, on Bee Tree Road, Swannanoa,
NC, (from about 1941 to about 1952 and then back for
the winter of 1952). In the foreground, Dwight Childers,
about 1949. This house was a couple of miles north of
the site of the first white settlement in what is now
Buncombe County, where Bee Tree Creek flowed into  
the Swannanoa River (ref. F. A. Sondley,
A History of
Buncombe County North Carolina
Right: Third home, the
"Bell House" (after
Oliver Taylor Bell who is
believed to have built
the house), in north
Buncombe County, near
Shepherd relatives,
from 1952 to about
1955. The first winter,
we were so cold in the
drafty house that we
packed up and moved
back to Swannanoa.
After, covering the walls
with heavy paper, we
returned the next year.
(In the yard, Hoyt
Childers, around 1963.)

Below: The "new" house
built on the same
property nearer the
public road. We moved in around 1955, using a temporary "outhouse" (toilet) and a wood/coal stove for heating
because the indoor bathroom and the central heating had not yet been completed. L-R,
Baek (Ben) Ra, Inez
Shepherd Childers, and Roy Arthur Childers, 1988.