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From Cowee Baptist Church Book Volume 1:

"These fifteen charter members were: Samuel Rose, Levi Truit, George Caler, Peter Mason, Joseph
Welch, Jacob Caler, Lucrecy Rose, Susanah Truit, Hannah Dickey,
Jaly Hibberts, Polly Edwards,
Sarah Mason, Mary Mason, Roda Russell, and Sarah Fortune. On the same day, Samuel Rose and
Levi Truit were examined and set apart by ordination to the office of deacon. George F. Caler was
elected first clerk and treasurer. Humphrey Posey was elected as pastor on June 14, 1828.

"At its organizational meeting the church set the third Sunday and preceding Saturday of each month
as its regular meeting time and agreed that meetings would be held at Caler Schoolhouse, located at
the forks of the road at the mouth of Caler Creek and Cowee Creek.

"On June 26, 1830, George F. Caler,
Elijah Shepherd and Samuel D. Bryson were appointed trustees
and were instructed to locate and purchase a spot of ground on which to build a church. The land was
deeded to the church by Samuel Decater Bryson and was located on a knoll in front of the present
church building. The first building was a log structure which was used until 1868."

                                                                    - Connie Steele
                                                                      27 February 2010
Cowee Baptist Church
founded 15 March 1828
"The Constitution of the Baptist Church at Cowee in the Cherokee Purchase, Macon County,
North Carolina, March 15, 1828. The presbytery consisting of Elders
Humphrey Posey and
Stephen White, met at Cowee by request, and after worship and a discussion on the subject
of the meeting, fifteen members were found in readiness for a church. all of them members of
the church at Franklin."