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Cowee Mountain School was established around 1911 by a young Seventh-Day Adventist couple
from Michigan,
Helon B. Allen and his wife, Wina McCurdy Allen, as a vocational boarding school
for young people from the southern mountains. They were apparently inspired by the preaching of
Ellen Gould White, a founder of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

By 1918, there had begun dissension between the Allens and governing officials of the SDA
Church. Later, around 1920, the school was denounced by the governing organization of the SDA

At right are the 1920 census pages for Cowee Mountain School. Note census-taker Earley O.
Rickman's comment, inscribed vertically along the left margin, on the
second page:

Mr. Ed White's transcript of the 1918 bulletin from the Cowee Mountain School, provided on
website. (Note: Mr. White's transcript includes an introductory comment by him, at the
beginning, and an "Epitaph" by him, at the end.)

Barbara McRae's article: "The Cowee Mountain School".

See also an article published in 1920 presenting the SDA Church's views:


The 1930 census of Cowee Township does not list Helon and Wina Allen. Had the school closed
by this time? By 1938 a Mrs. Wina B. Allen, numerologist, was listed as a registered voter in Los
Angeles, CA.
Cowee Mountain School
Franklin, Macon County, NC
c1911 - bef 1930?
"The Cowee Mountain School seems to be composed largely of orphans and poor children. All live
in common in one large family. Full information can not be had. All under control of the president."