Source: County Court Minutes, 1838 - 1855, Macon County, North Carolina: 9.
Clerk of Court, Macon County Courthouse, Franklin, North Carolina. North
Carolina State Archives micropublication C.061 30001.

Minutes of Wednesday 13 June 1838

State of North Carolina
Macon County

June Session 1838. Personally came Charles Stiles in open Court and being duly
sworn, sayeth that he was well acquainted with John Hibberts in his lifetime and is
certain that the said Hibberts did die in the County of Haywood, and that, Elijah
Hibberts, Nancy Beasly, Charles Hibberts, Sarah Childers, May Sitton, Jane
Beasly, Cornelius Hibbert & William Hibbert were always recognized by him the
said John Hibbert, as his lawful heirs, and that Jaily Hibberts, who is yet alive, was
his lawful and wedded wife

Sworn to the 13 day of June 1838

Charles Stiles before John Hall Clk

(Thanks to Dawn Watson for transcription and to Connie Steele for provision.)