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        Samuel Holyfield + Lucinda Bryant                                                 Henry Dotson + Susanna Lenoir Mooney
                            |                                                                               |
George Washington Holyfield     +         Orlena "Parilee" Dotson
        1842       -        1923                     1867                         1849    -    aft 1899
     Haywood Co NC       Haywood Co NC                                             Haywood Co NC   Haywood Co NC
Albert Garland Holyfield (Mary C. [?]) 1867 - 1954
             Samuel C. Holyfield  (Mrs. SCH)     1870 - 1923
             Robert H. Holyfield     1873 - ?
             Laura J. Holyfield (William C. Parkins), 1877 -1963
             Charlotte Holyfield, 1882 - aft 1909
             William C. Holyfield, 1885 - aft 1909

Note on spelling: The name "Holyfield" is spelled variously in the public records: for example, "Holifield", "Hollifield". For
these pages, we have usually chosen, for consistency, the spelling which seems to have prevailed among the descendants.

In 1870 Albert, 3, and Samuel, 9 months, were listed with George and "Parolee" Holyfield at Crabtree, Haywood County, NC.

In 1880, the census of Blount County, TN (21 June 1880) listed Orlena P. Holyfield as the wife of George W. Holyfield, along with these Holyfield
children: Albert G., 12; Samuel C., 10; Laurena J., 3; Robert H., 7, and Charlotte F., 1. (In 1870 Albert, 3, and Samuel, 9 months, were listed with
George and "Parolee" Holyfield at Crabtree, Haywood County, NC.)

In 1900, Geo W. Holyfield and "Parolee" Holyfield resided in Crabtree, Haywood Co, NC, at the next house to their first son Garland Holyfield, so
it appears that George and Perailla reunited, possibly after the death of Marion Stevenson. This census recorded that they were married in
1867 and had been married for 33 years.

In 1910, "Georgie" Holyfield and "Arlenia" Holyfield resided on Fines Creek, Haywood Co, NC, with daughter Charlotte, 30; and son William, 24.

For the record: From 1880 until at least 1905, several censuses list a George W. Holyfield, born abt 1845 in NC (he and his parents reported
as born in NC), at Longton, Elk County, Kansas. He is married to Sarah, from Missouri, and they have several children. His occupation is listed
as "Wagon Maker". While his age and origin do invite speculation, it seems highly improbable that this could be the same George W. Holyfield
from Haywood County, NC.
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