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William Alphonso "Fons" Hopson               +             Frances Bruce
      1868   -     1946                    m. 1887         1872  -    1954
Mitchell Co NC  Henderson Co NC              Bunc Co NC?      Belton SC      Greenville, SC
                                 George Benjamin Hopson (Nancy "Nonnie" Meyers), 1888 - 1958
                                 Charles Nichols Hopson (Mamie L. Webb), 1891 - 1962
                                 Connie Hopson, 1898 - ?
                                 William Hobart Hopson (Ollie Mae Sharp), 1900 - 1986
                                 Dorothy A. Hopson (Jason A. Ramey), 1912 - 2006     

In 1880, when his mother Elmira resided with her widowed father and her younger siblings in Ivy, Buncombe County,
NC, William Alphonso Hopson, age 12, resided nearby with the family of John and Della (Willis) Morgan as a hired
hand. The Bruce family, earlier from South Carolina, resided in that same community. In 1887, William and Frances
married. By 1900, they had four children. By 1910, their first son George had married Nancy Meyers and established
their own home in the Hazel community of Buncombe County.  George and Nancy had two children, and their
household also included George's grandmother, Dorothy Elmira Hopson, who was 66.

In 1920, William and Frances were living in the Beaverdam section of Asheville, NC, where William was working as
keeper of an orchard. In 1930, they were living at the Judson Mill Village in Greenville, SC. William was employed as an
operative in the cotton mill.

William and Frances were buried in Green Hills Cemetery, Asheville, NC.

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