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Adolphus Theadore Hughey        +       
Roxie Sophronia "Fronie" Stockton
     1870   -    1957                       1903                   1879      -      1962
             Bunc Co NC  Bunc Co NC                                                                             Bunc Co NC  Bunc Co NC

The Hugheys lived on Stockton family property in north Buncombe County. By 1910, they resided
with Sophronia's parents and brother Lee in the family home. Adolphus was listed in the census
of that year as farmer, and Sophronia was listed with "none" for occupation. By 1920, both
Stockton parents had died, and Sophronia's brother Lee was listed as the head of the
household. Again, Adolphus was listed with the occupation of farmer and Sophronia was listed
with "none" for occupation.
Sources: US Census, Buncombe Co NC, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930;
        NC Death Certificate, Adolphus Hughey, 1957;
        NC Death Certificate, Sophronia Hughey, 1962.
By 1930, The Hugheys were living in their own separate household next door to Lee Stockton, whose occupation was listed
as truck farmer. Adolphus' occupation was dairy farmer, and Sophronia was described as "salesman" in a grocery store.
The  Hughey grocery, with its rear apartment where the couple resided, was a familiar place for generations of local families
until the early 1960's.