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Yvonne Willie Quinn (Childers)
5 August 1919 - 2 February 2003
Asheville NC            Fayetteville GA
Age 17

She met Fred at work [Beacon Blanket Factory],
dated him at the skating rink. and married him on
August 17, 1940. She was a dedicated wife and
mother. She had the heart of a mother, and even
as a young teenager, took great responsibility for
caring for her siblings. Her siblings adored her
and she was basically a second mother to them.

She loved sewing and did beautiful work. [Her
daughter] Yvonne would come home from school
and her mother would surprise her with a brand
new outfit. She’d work on it while everyone was at
school and keep it a secret. She did beautiful
smocking. She would bring home remnants from
Beacon Blankets and make baby blankets. She
made over 100 afghans and loved giving them
Yvonne could be tough when she had to be.
With Fred being in the Navy, he from time to
time would be at sea for many months and
Yvonne would run the household. She
expected a lot. She’d say. “If you tell me the
truth, I won’t whip you. But if you lie to me, I'll
whip you...”

She could sit for hours working puzzles with her
grandchildren. She always wanted to help however
she could. On one occasion, she helped build a
doghouse. They worked and worked in the
basement to build that doghouse. They finished it,
and went to take it outside, and couldn’t get it
through the basement door. They had to remodel it.

Yvonne was a good cook. She made the
best creamed corn and corn bread. She
seemed to always have a roast on, even in
the middle of the night. Whenever anyone
visited her, she would ask, “Would you like
something to eat?” She loved having
company and was a great hostess.

She loved life. The children never heard
her complain no matter how difficult things
were. She was just happy. She loved to
joke and cut up and laugh with the ladies
in her SS class. She was a ray of sunshine.

God gives us . . .  the gift of good memories. . . . :
those blue eyes, her beautiful handwriting, those
macrame bags, giving you a piece of gum (1/2
piece) on the way to church, pinching you in
church when you got too wiggly, her beautiful
garden, making the girls a red rose corsage from
her garden on Mother’s Day.

She cared for her children, and then for her
grandchildren and her great-grandchildren. She
was a caring person.
[Text selected from the funeral eulogy by Dr. David L. Chancy, Pastor,  
McDonogh Road Baptist Church, Fayetteville, Georgia.]

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