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from Through the Long Years, Darryl Norton, Robert R.
Chapman, and Walter P. Smith, Editors, Mars Hill
College, 2006.
John Robert Sams
15 July 1848    -   10 Apr 1937
Flag Pond, Unicoi Co TN  Mars Hill, Madison Co NC
". . . John Robert Sams . . . was destined to become for
almost seventy-five years one of the staunchest friends
that Mars Hill College ever had. Through the darkest
hours in the history of the college, in the face of
deadening poverty, of apathy and indifference, and
even in the face of subtle and open opposition, John
Robert Sams worked, prayed, and sacrificed for the
college. He seems never to have faltered in his loyalty,
or to have wavered in his faith concerning the mission
and ultimate destiny of the college. When lesser souls
would have given up in despair or washed their hands in
disgust, he continued to do what he could."

 - Prof. John A. McLeod, From These Stones, p. 74.

John Robert Sams served as president of Mars Hill College from
1871 - 1872.