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                                                  Leroy Washington Sams
18 October 1825 - 22 Aug 1896
                                                                     Bunc Co NC        Madison Co NC

"On the night of January 5, 1863, outlaws robbed the home of the Reverend Leroy W. Sams at Flag Pond,
Tennessee, taking almost everything of value about the place. He immediately began preparation to
move back to Buncombe County, North Carolina, where he was born in 1825. Shortly thereafter he, with
his wife and eight children, moved to a place on Big Ivy. One of his eight sons was John Robert Sams,
who was destined to become for almost seventy-five years one of the staunchest friends that Mars Hill
College ever had."

"Leroy Sams was born on the west fork of Ivy Creek, near the John White bridge, about where the
Burnsville-Mars Hill highway intersects the Asheville-Johnson City highway, which at that time was in
Buncombe County. He was the son of James Sams and Mary Hickam Sams. James Sams's parents
were John Sams and Agnes Blackwell. Thus the Samses were among the original settlers of what is
now Madison County, although they were not living in the county at the time of the founding of Mars Hill
College. Leroy Sams's wife was Ailey Brown from the Banks of 'Chucky, now Erwin, Tennessee. The
couple had twelve children. Four were born near Erwin, four at Flag Pond, and four on Ivy."

                                                          - John A. McLeod,
From These Stones, p. 73-74.