WNC History Timeline

www.childers-shepherd.org, 26 Mar 2021
However we hope to keep the site available, in its frozen and imperfect condition for several years more,
or until it seems no longer useful.

But, one day the whole thing will surely disappear without warning, except that this is your warning. Thus,
please feel free to download or otherwise copy any parts you want to keep,
exclusively for your personal and
non-commercial use,
and trusting that you will provide credit to me (especially if you cite my own writing
in your family tree), bearing in mind that many parts are protected by copyright.

Most of the individual and family profiles for folks in or near my direct Childers and Shepherd ancestral lines
have been or will be replicated and perhaps improved at
wikitree.com, which I commend to you for your own
genealogical work.

    (Wikitree.com is free, well secured as to the appropriate level of privacy, and very easy to use. Its great
    virtue, compared to most other online genealogical services, is that the goal is for all users to
    collaborate on one great tree, in which there is one and only one leaf ("profile") for each of us. Bear in
    mind that your mother is probably some unknown person's fourth cousin-once-removed. So, why create
    barriers between "my tree" and "your tree"? Also, wikitree.com occasionally provides the delightful
    surprise -- maybe at the end of a long frustrating day -- that a person you have begun to research is
    already on the tree with connections galore well established.)

    For many of us digging our roots becomes a productive addiction, and it seems a shame for all of that
    good work to be lost when we move on. Our research at wikitree.com is very probable to be preserved
    and perhaps improved by others.)

Wherever you record your findings, please provide as much detail about your sources as possible.
I have come to appreciate that need more and more the longer I have been working at genealogy. Without
sources, assertions of fact are quite useless to others, but good, detailed sources are gold, even if
they are only something like "Aunt So-and-So told my mother that . . . when she visited us at . . . the
summer of 1995".

                                                                Dwight Childers
                                                                26 March 2021